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30 years with an English Kenshi (part 6 - Kendo tour round the UK) - by Ozawa Hiroshi sensei

Front row far left, Dennis Smith, back row second from right, Mr. Barlow, third Trevor,

fourth Mr. Cunnington, second from left, Billy Ware.

Mr. Barlow is a Derbyshire firefighter, Mr. Cannington is a Nottingham firefighter and

Trevor is a Nottingham paramedic. I was hanging out in the city centre one day,

sightseeing, when I saw Mr. Cannington, dressed in heavy gear and with a serious look

in his eyes, riding in a fire engine that was rushing to a fire somewhere. He had the eyes

of a true professional.

In May, I took my kendo bogu and spent two weeks traveling from Nottingham to the

northern region of the country. Leeds, York, Darlington, Durham, Newcastle, Edinburgh,

and Glasgow, in that order. I practised with the kenshi there. This allowed me to get

along with some of my fellow kenshi, and I agreed that I would make another round trip

in June.

I could not go to Liverpool for the first time around for some reason, so I really wanted

to go in June. That's because I'm a big fan of the Beatles.

Thirty years ago, my first time in Liverpool, the city was dingy and not very clean. It

was somewhat run-down. At that time, Trevor would have been a nidan. He was still a

young fellow, 31 or 32 years old. This photo was taken around two months after I met

Trevor. Everyone had left kendo now except Dennis and Billy. At that time I didn't

expect Trevor to become a 6th dan.

It's not related to Trevor, but I found something interesting and so inserted it into this post.

I stayed at the University of Newcastle guesthouse and when I looked out of my

second-floor room the next morning, there were students playing cricket in the park.

Across the pathway, there were cows grazing on grass. It was a very unusual

sight, so I took a picture of it, but even if it's a bad one, the illustration is more

interesting, so I've inserted it here. It was a memorable scene for me. It's a true example of

the mystery of England and the human beings' coexistence with animals.

This is the sixth in a series of eight articles written by Ozawa Hiroshi sensei (Kyoshi 8 Dan). Kindly translated by Matsuda Kazuyo sensei (Renshi 7 Dan).

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