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There are a wealth of resources online to help you learn more about kendo and expand your knowledge. Mitori-geiko, or 'looking/watching practice' is a key part of your kendo development and these sites provide valuable articles, videos and more to help you improve.

The Kendo Show

Videos to help you refine your techniques alongside weekly kendo 'rants' with Andy Fisher sensei (Renshi 6th Dan), covering kendo topics ranging from armour guidance and dojo etiquette to kendo history and fitness training.

Kenshi 24/7

A long-running blog written by George McCall sensei, a former British kendo squad member based in Japan. George's website hosts a range of articles covering kendo history and concepts.

Kendo World

A resource of news and articles from the world of kendo, and the home of the long-running printed magazine Kendo World.

Kendo equipment suppliers

The following websites sell kendo armour, clothing and equipment used and recommended by club members:

Kendo Star

Nine Circles

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