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30 years with an English Kenshi (part 8 - The first Ozawa seminar) - by Ozawa Hiroshi sensei

Bolsover Castle: standing on the ramparts, looking into the distance, the wind was cold

from the north.

It was a memorable year for me as I was freed from three and a half years of back pain

and Trevor invited me to start the first Kendo seminar at Ollerton, which is still going

on today.

With Trevor's encouragement, I worked hard at my rehabilitation. At first, I

hated the doctors, but I managed to get over it and my back pain is now 80% better,

though it's not a full recovery. I felt like I had come to England to be feared. At the same

time, I never thought I would be able to come back to the UK when I thought about that

back pain.

The day before the seminar started, there was an old castle called Bolsover Castle not

far from Trevor's house. He drove me there. The wind was cold from the north, but it was very pleasant. The wind was cold on the walls of the castle, but I wondered if the same wind was blowing at the same time every year for thousands of years without a break.

The wind in the ruins of the castle blows clean and I am here. A brief respite in the ancient past. It was just a short sentence with a bunch of words, but I presented it to the participants.

I was deeply moved by the thought that I was back again. Trevor was 46 or 47 years old


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