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Kashi No Ki Kendo Beginners' Course

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

We are happy to take new members at anytime, just read through the Start Kendo page on the website for details. Please bear in mind that the lower age limit is 12 years of age but we are willing to go lower depending upon the level of parental support during training.

Kashi No Ki offers a six session beginners' course which is run at least once per year -

usually in September. The course is structured to give background information on some of the key aspects of kendo over six Sunday practices as described below. After the 'talks' there is at least one hour of kendo practise and drills and opportunities to practise your attacks on the coaches and other members. Course participants will not wear armour at this point and therefore no one will attack you.

As a result of the COVID pandemic, the British Kendo Association risk assessment, and it’s insurers, have affirmed that those participating in a beginners' course must be members of the BKA. The commitment is only to join as a temporary member for three months at £10. If you decide to continue kendo after that time then you will join as a full member. Joining is easy and done through the BKA website. Please select 'Kashi no ki Kenyu Kai' as your host dojo.

Another new development is the offensive weapons act 2019. This affects the martial arts possession and use of weapons. We can only possess or trade in these weapons if we are members of a recognised governing body (BKA). The wooden replica swords (bokken or bokuto) probably fall into the category of offensive weapons so if we sell you one you must either maintain membership of the BKA, even if you don’t practise kendo, or sell it back to someone who is.

In view of this we will run the course as described but you must join the BKA as a temporary member and we will loan you a bokken to be handed back at the end of each session. The cost of the course will be £50 and will include a shinai.

If you want to continue practising kendo after the course then you will become member of the dojo and pay the session fee. You will also have to join the BKA to enable you to grade and provide suitable insurance. After a few weeks of regular practise you will be introduced to wearing armour by the coaches and you can be experience what it is like to receive hits.

Kendo Beginners' Course - Structure

'10 minute' talks to be delivered at the start of each class. A mixture of verbal and practical demonstration backed up with brief written notes.

Week 1 (Phill Whitfield - Dojo Sensei)

  • Introduction to the Dojo including safety, Dojo history, and photography policy.

  • Shinai and bokken - what are they and what are they used for?

  • Reigi including start and end of practise and sonkyo.

  • Importance of warming up and how to do it.

Week 2

  • Shinai including the components and care.

  • Shinai and Bokken how to hold them correctly and why are they are different.

Week 3

  • Keikogi, hakama and Bougu, including the components, care and how to wear.

  • Information on Dojo armour for hire or purchasing kendo armour if you wish to continue kendo.

Week 4

  • Kata: what is it, history and application in shinai kendo.

Week 5

  • Kendo taikai: what happens and how it is organised.

Week 6

  • Grading structure and what happens in a kyu grading.

If you are interested in starting a kendo beginners' course at Kashi No Ki Kenyu Kai, please register your interest by clicking on the 'Contact' link and completing the online form.

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